BodyPure+ Frequently Asked Questions

1) What is BodyPure+?

It is a single-use pad filled with herbs and minerals that you place on the sole of the foot preferably while you sleep (6-8 hours).

2) Can you wear them in the day?

You can but we suggest while you sleep because that is when the body naturally tries to detoxify so they work together.

3) How many and for how long?

Most health professionals suggest a 30-60 day cleanse, 2-3 times per year. We suggest you start 1 foot/night alternating feet. After a few days you can go to both feet simultaneously if you want.

4) Why does it only come in boxes of 10 pads?

Because every health professional has their own protocol for each person (i.e. 30 or 40 or 60 days, 1 or 2 pads per night) they come in 10 per box. With every 3 boxes purchased in an order you receive a coupon for a free test of 1 of your used pads to see what are some of the toxins being released by your body with the use of the pad.

5) After I’m done with 30 or 60 days will I be detioxified?

We are never totally free of toxins. Health professionals see this as a cleanse, kind of like doing a deep cleaning in your home every few months.

6) How does it work?

When toxins are absorbed into the system, most become embedded in our tissues. As the BodyPure®+ pads are placed on our skin, the natural herbs interact, and begin their work by emitting far infrared energy. The infrared rays not only enhance the cells functions directly, but also stimulate the Kidney 1 Meridians on the soles of the feet, creating a second front for detoxification. The Kidney 1 Meridian is used extensively by Acupuncturists and Acupressurists to also promote healing and relieve tension. In essence, the BodyPure®+ pads gently stimulate this point for an 8 to 10 hour period. In addition, the wood vinegar extract in the foot patches allows for a phenomenon known in Asia as the "minus ion effect". By creating an osmotic shift in the herb/skin interface it permits the transfer of toxins. This "minus ion effect" induced by the pads, accelerates the natural excretion process (through the pores), and allows the body to purge toxins at a faster rate.

7) Will the pads get white when you are done detoxifying?

The pads never go totally white. The darkness will vary according to what is being released and from what organs. Since the pad stimulates the body to do its own detox, it varies from person to person.

8) Will it pull out my vitamin/mineral supplements?

Since the body is the one doing the detox it does not release the elements it needs. We do suggest (as with any cleanse) that you drink plenty of water.

9) What about the free testing mentioned in the website and on the box?

There is testing available through an independent testing facility. There are 2 panels available for purchase:
a) 7 Toxin panel for $15.00
b) 15 Toxin panel fro $25.00
c) With purchase of 3 boxes you receive a coupon for a free 7 toxin coupon

10) What are the toxins tested?
On the 7 element one:
Isopropyl Alcohol

On the 15 element add:
Methyl alcohol
Dye set